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Meet Ruby

As a doctor and a mom, I'm grateful to finally have a trusted resource to teach my children more about their health and nutrition. Buddies In My Belly is a great tool to help your kids understand the importance of the gut microbiome. We all enjoy reading it!

Dr. Christine Maren | DO | Functional Medicine Physician | Digestive Health Expert

Buddies In My Belly focuses on the research and quality of individual strains, standing above other probiotics on the market by doing their homework and going the extra mile for consistent results.

Alex Swanson | Nutrition Industry Expert | Founder of Nutrition Genome

Buddies In My Belly provides fabulous tools for parents, teachers and health care professionals to teach about the importance of gut health.

Shelle Morgan | Mom | Pediatric Physical Therapist

Biffie. He is my favorite buddy. We talk about him all the time at our house.

Bonnie Chacon | Mom