The Buddies Plushes (Set of 4)

The Buddies Plushes (Set of 4)

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EveryBody needs some Buddies

Buddies In My Belly Buddies resemble what these friendly bacteria look under the microscope!

Theses toys are a great addition to the book to bring an interactive learning experience to any household. Invite the Buddies to mealtime, playtime, bathroom time and more.

Meet the Buddies:

Lactie AKA Lactobacillus lives mainly in the small intestine. She helps breakdown foods for improved digestion, boosts our mood and gives us energy!

Biffie AKA Bifidobacterium lives mainly in the large intestine. He helps with sleep, boosts our mood and even helps make a perfect poop!

Strepie AKA Streptococcus resides in the ear, nose and throat home. She fights off ear infections, sore throats and cavities!

Ba-Silly AKA Bacillus exists in the large intestine. He boosts the immune system, strengthens DNA and helps with focus.


6.5 inches of soft, squishy fun!

Made from all new material

Polyester and plastic pellets


Machine wash cold, gentle cycle

No bleach, lay flat to dry

Age 3+