Buddies In My Belly : A Story About Probiotics

Buddies In My Belly : A Story About Probiotics

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Did you know that 2-4 pounds of who you are is bacteria that lives in your digestive tract? Whoa! That is kind of cool, right?!

When we hear the word bacteria, most of us think about little microscopic bugs that can make us really sick - but most of the bacteria on planet earth are friendly! These friendly bacteria we call probiotics, are actually crucial to the health of our bodies, our soil and our planet.

Bacteria are our buddies!

Collectively, they are called the microbiome. We have friendly bacteria in our mouth, in our nose, on our skin and even in our eyeballs but most of it exists in our digestive tract. 

Simply put, Buddies In My Belly are the friendly bacteria in our bellies that play a crucial role in our overall health.

Buddies In My Belly: a story about probiotics is an entertaining story about the amazing world of probiotics. It’s fun and educational for a 4-year-old or a 40-year-old.

Get to know the Buddies: Lactie, Biffie, Strepie and Ba-Silly and how to feed and take care of them for a happy and healthy body.

From children and parents to teachers and healthcare professionals, Buddies In My Belly creates a language we can all use to talk about this important topic.

Buddies In My Belly: a story about probiotics includes a FREE tear-out Buddies In My Belly Food Chart to put on your fridge!

8 x 8 inch hardcover

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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This book is amazing for ALL ages!

I bought one copy for my family and one as a gift for my cousin's children. This helped my kids (7, 10 and 14) and my parents, 67 years old, to better understand why food choices are so important. My kids have been much more aware of their choices and try to eat their colors every day now. Thank you for this book! I'm loaning it out to my teacher friends to read to their classes as well.

Adorable Book

This book is so cute. I would recommend it to all parents to encourage their children to eat a healthier to keep their belly buddies happy! Parents might do that too!! I wish I would have purchased the plushes when I purchased to the book. My 3 year old grandson will say “oh Biffie” when he toots now! He has been eating all his veggies to make sure his buddies are happy.


I bought this book for my two year old granddaughter and have not yet given it to her, but look forward to watching her enjoy it and learn about healthy eating as she gets a bit older.

Love love it!

We are healthy eaters but I still struggle with my kids wanting typical American kid food!
After reading this, my 6 year old was at the store with me and said “I want to go get fruit and healthy snacks mom”!
We talk about health all the time but it was great for them to visualize and hear it from somewhere else! I’m going to let my younger sons 4 year old class read it as they’ve been talking about germs and health at school.
Thanks for making a fun but educational book to encourage good eating!

My kids are excited about GOOD food!

I fell in love with the buddies and knew we needed this book, hoping my kids would jump on board. They love the buddies. They play with the plushes, we talk at the dinner table about what each of the buddies like and they are excited to make healthy choices. The back page tear-out is up on our fridge