Give the Gift of Health This Holiday Season




Parents and Grandparents love the Buddies too!



Did you know that 2-4 pounds of who you are is bacteria that lives in your digestive tract? Whoa! Kinda cool, right?!


These friendly, health-promoting bacteria called probiotics are one of the most crucial aspects of our overall health, supporting:

✓ A happy belly

✓ Going #2 daily

✓ Immune system 

✓ Mood

✓ Learning

✓ Skin Health 

and more!

    Collectively, they are called the microbiome. We have friendly bacteria in our mouth, in our nose, on our skin and even in our eyeballs but most of it exists in our digestive tract. 

    We call these friendly bacteria the BUDDIES IN MY BELLY!

    Buddies In My Belly exists to teach kids and adults alike about the amazing world of probiotics. Get to know the Buddies: Lactie, Biffie, Strepie and Ba-Silly and how to feed and take care of them for a happy and healthy body. Buddies In My Belly creates a language we can all use to talk about this important topic and inspire healthy eating and living starting at a young age. 

    Buddies In My Belly: a story about probiotics includes a FREE tear-out Buddies In My Belly Food Chart to put on your fridge.