Sarah Morgan - Founder & CEO
Sarah Morgan, The Gene Queen, is known for her innovative ideas that connect science to everyday life in a way that impacts thousands. Albert Einstein’s quote “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” has inspired Sarah to write and communicate in such a way that a 4-year old or a 40-year old will understand.
Sarah has a clinical practice in Denver, Colorado, that focuses on using food and nutrients to optimize gene expression and help individuals with complex health issues. Sarah is married to her best friend and champion, Matt, and finds her inspiration from her daughter, Madison.
Sarah earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. She holds a Masters of Science in Functional Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Sarah has worked in the health and nutrition field for the past 12 years helping individuals, communities and corporations achieve their health and wellness goals.

Henry Daniel Bell - Creative Director

Henry Daniel Bell is a professional artist/illustrator born and raised in Denver, Colorado.  With a Bachelor of the Arts degree from Southern Methodist University and over 30 years of artistic expression under his belt—Henry has committed his life to the arts. Henry is an avid rock climber, loves restoring classic cars and motorcycles and has traveled extensively studying art around the world. Henry married his beautiful wife, Heather, in 2011.  Henry and Heather and their two dogs, Mason and Ryu, live part time in Maui, Hawaii and part time in Denver, Colorado. Henry is a proud uncle to nine incredible kiddos and took much of his inspiration for this book from his nieces and nephews. He hopes that this book will positively influence children to be more conscience about what they eat and the role of microbiome in relation to their health.  Eat-well, live-long and prosper! 

Karl Holtzer MD, MS, IFMCP - Pediatrician, Advisory Board Member
Dr. Holtzer is committed to bettering the lives of children across the country and world. He understands the many struggles and questions that parents are facing today regarding how to best take care of their children. His many years of experience in the field is priceless as is his commitment to the study of the science of medicine and the evidence behind the practice. Dr Holtzer did his residency at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, consistently ranked as one the top residency programs and Children’s Hospitals in the country.  He has been awarded numerous awards by his peers for providing the best care. He was inducted into the Best Doctors of America database as well as Consumer’s Guide to Best Pediatricians. He is a certified  practitioner by the Institute for Functional Medicine and has his Masters in functional nutrition.  He sees both children and younger adults at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Center for Integrative Medicine where he practices functional medicine and functional nutrition. For information, go to

Christine Maren D.O., IFMCP,  Advisory Board Member
Dr. Christine Maren is a Functional Medicine physician and digestive health expert specializing in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). She is uniquely trained in the Functional Medicine model to identify and treat the root causes of chronic disease, including chronic digestive disorders. Her approach to patient care is individualized and personalized, with an emphasis on the ways our environment, food and lifestyle choices interact with our genes. She utilizes advanced lab testing to search for a root cause, and seeks the most gentle way to treat the underlying causes of disease. Dr. Maren is the founder of a high-tech, innovative medical practice serving patients in Colorado, Michigan and Texas. She is board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP). She continues to learn every day to keep her audience informed and empowered. Learn more at

Alex J. Swanson M.S.,  Advisory Board Member
Alex J. Swanson is the founder of Nutrition Genome and creator of the software Genetrition™. He is a second generation nutritionist and co-owner of Swanson Health Center, a private family clinical nutrition practice that has been in business for over 40 years. He is also the creator of the popular blog The Health Beat. Alex specializes in weaving the genetics and microbiome world together to give a complete blueprint for health. He has a post-bacc in Nutrition Sciences from Basytr University in Washington state, an M.S. in Applied Nutrition and Business Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University, a Certificate in Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics, and a Certificate in Genetics and Genomics from Stanford University.

Tom Abood - Advisory Board Member
Tom Abood migrated from Nebraska back in 1974 to attend the University of Denver College of Law.  He has practiced business/transactional law in the Denver area since graduating in 1977 and has been involved with a variety of business ventures.  On a continuing transformational life journey, he completely divested his money from Wall Street and Big Banks and has transitioned from fossil fuels by installing rooftop solar, riding his bike, using public transportation and driving an EV when a vehicle is necessary.  He converted his entire yard from grass into an organic, permaculture inspired garden with edibles, native and pollinator friendly plants, bee hives, hardscape and raised beds for vegetables.  Tom has evolved into a high impact investor who believes that investing should not be just about increasing our net worth and financial rates of return, but more importantly should support the bigger and deeper and more profound purpose of life, improve our communities and build a better world.  He is a strong advocate for healthy soil, healthy food, healthy communities and a healthy planet.  In all of our actions, we must support the regenerative solutions and alternatives and dismiss the extractive, business as usual destructive practices. 

Mark Maraia - Advisory Board Member
Mark Maraia, an early pioneer in combining coaching with training in the legal profession, began his 20+year coaching career before any coaching schools had been formed. During his career, he has accumulated extensive coaching experience while working with thousands of lawyers and other professionals. That experience evolved into a unique and proven method (The Maraia Method®) that is highly effective for coaching professionals and is used by every member of the Maraia team. Mark has written two books on business development: Rainmaking Made Simple: What Every Professional Must Know and Relationships Are Everything! - Growing Your Business One Relationship at a Time. Many lawyers, CMOs, and leaders in Am Law 200 firms consider his first book, Rainmaking Made Simple, to be the definitive "how to" desk book on business development. It has sold nearly 14,000 copies worldwide, mostly to professionals in the legal, accounting, and consulting industries. The ideas presented in Mark's books have been field-tested by thousands of attorneys and other professionals helping them develop relationship-building skills without compromising integrity or professional status. Mark also authors an opt-in electronic newsletter with a circulation to over 4,000 subscribers in 70 countries. Mark has energized and motivated hundreds of audiences throughout the world, including the keynote address delivered to the Australasian Professional Services Marketing Association in Melbourne, Australia. Audience members rave about the practical ideas and insights he offers and the engaging ways they are presented. They find his energy contagious and his insights on law firm marketing invaluable. As a graduate of The University of South Carolina, College of Law, and a 1980 graduate of Villanova University, Mark Maraia has been licensed to practice law in Colorado since 1983. He has worked both in private practice and as in house corporate counsel. Much of his private practice experience was spent litigating complex commercial matters for a small Denver-based securities boutique law firm. As in house counsel for a Denver-based brokerage firm, Mark had oversight responsibility for up to forty outside law firms. Mark was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Denver, College of Law for 5 years. In that capacity, Mark designed and taught a skills course on client relations for second and third year law students. In 1990, Mark founded his own practice development coaching firm, and now spends nearly all of his time coaching and developing the client relationship skills of lawyers throughout North America and globally. Mark has personally coached thousands of lawyers and practice groups on how to develop the selling and networking skills needed to help them create and strengthen client relationships, both individually and in teams. While doing so, he has helped his clients achieve significant bottom line results. Mark's prior experience as a practicing lawyer together with his involvement in individual and team selling efforts of law firms has given him valuable insights on selling legal services and building client relationships.